Mathematical Sciences

Academic Computer Labs

The main student computer lab facility is located in the Library and consists of 24 Dell workstations running Windows 7. This lab is available to all Trinity Western University students during normal library hours. There is also a Mathematical Sciences Lab dedicated to individuals with a declared major or minor in the Mathematical Sciences Department. This lab, located in Neufeld 20, consists of 10 dual boot iMac computers as well as a few ammenities such as a fridge, microwave, etc for those long days/nights spent working on projects. The last of the large labs is our instructional lab facility which is located in CanIL 115 and is used strictly for the instruction of courses requiring the use of computers during the lecture. Beyond these there are several smaller facilities on campus including the Modern Language Lab, Geography lab, CPSY Wong Center, Writing Center, Business Project Lab, Fosmark Graduate Collegium, Marlie Snider and West Coast Collegiums.

The following documents are textual materials related to the labs and their usage: